Liturgy Committee: Information about Holy Days of Obligation

Do check the Mass schedule and join in our coming Holy Day on November 1st. All the Saints will be glad you came!

Read more information about the Holy Days of Obligation.

2011 Bishop's Fund

Please prayerfully consider a sacrificial pledge to this year's Bishop's Fund by being as generous as your means will allow. Every gift helps. As always, every dollar donated to the Bishop's Fund is used solely for the programs and ministries supported by the Bishop's Fund.

Learn more about the 2011 Bishop's Fund and see the types of programs and ministries that benefit from your donations.

Please review the 2011 Bishop's Fund goals set forth for our four parishes:

  • Bradford: $17,175
  • Norwich: $7,015
  • So. Strafford: $1,465
  • Wells River: $5,205

Fuel Raffle Update

Congratulations to our first winner! The first Fuel Raffle winner was notified in June. Tickets are still available, so get yours today – we will select one winner each month through the duration of the program.

The Diocese Has Moved

Please note that the Diocese has moved office locations. The new address for the Diocese office is 55 Joy Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403. All other contact information (phone and fax numbers) remains the same.